Services and benefits

We offer a broad range of services, which we can tailor to suit your specific requirements.


The range of services that we provide includes the following:

  • The supply of materials-handling equipment, such as bins, balers and shipping containers at reduced rates to make your operations more efficient;
  • The collection of bulk quantities of recyclable materials from your site, such as paper, cardboard and plastic;
  • The processing of these materials into a form suitable for export, including baling and containerisation;
  • The provision of transportation and logistics services to facilitate moving recyclable materials to our Australian processing sites, as well as into and through the export system;
  • Certification of goods for export and quarantine purposes;
  • The export and distribution of these materials to suitable manufacturing sites in overseas markets;
  • The provision of liaison and brokering services, in relation to any of the activities listed above, where required;


There are a range of benefits that can flow to our suppliers, including the following:


  • Given that we work directly with over 30 paper mills, handling and transaction costs are minimised as there are less “middle men” and our suppliers share in the savings that result from this more efficient way of operating;
  • Our direct relationships with over 30 paper mills ensures that supply arrangements will be honoured;
  • The establishment of agreements that enable our suppliers to avoid the risk of currency fluctuations &/or market downturns;
  • Our status as a Preferred Client with our shipping companies ensures that we are able to maintain export capacity, even throughout periods of peak demand;
  • Wherever you are in Australia, our team of experts are readily available to visit your site to assess the type of materials that you have available and offer you a better deal than you might already have;
  • Your organisation can reduce costs by outsourcing responsibility for managing the export side of your business to the experts at AusWaste Recycling, allowing costly resources to be focused on your core business.  We can also assist with making your materials-handling operations more efficient by sourcing equipment, e.g. bins, balers and shipping containers, at significantly better rates; and
  • Our suppliers are assured of more competitive pricing and timely payment, both of which improve the cash flow of your business.

Regardless of whether yours is a large or a small business, you can rest assured that we can accommodate your requirements by tailoring the best solution to suit your requirements.  The relationships that we have forged with paper mills and shipping companies, along with our efficient operations, enable us to offer you the best deal.  We welcome your call and the opportunity to discuss how best to satisfy your needs.

Contact us

Please call our number on


+61 7 3345 1288


to discuss your specific requirements with one of our expert team. 

Alternatively, simply find out our contact details on the Contact us page. We will contact you by your preferred method, e.g. via email, in your office or by mobile phone number.  Let us know the best time of day to contact you and we will respond to you when it suits you best.